Consulting an Orthodontist: Three Essential Issues to Discuss

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consulting an orthodontist three essential issues to discuss

Understanding how important orthodontic care is for treating pain, securing loose brackets, and handling unplanned situations will help your journey be as smooth as possible. 

Our experienced orthodontists in Newmarket are here to help you obtain a confident smile that you can be genuinely proud of. To learn more about this branch of oral medicine, please feel free to get in touch with our local dental office today. 

Outlined in detail below three issues that, should they arise, ought to be discussed with an oral health professional.

  • Objects Poking Your Mouth

When wearing braces or aligners, you could occasionally feel something hitting you in the mouth. Usually, a broken bracket or a wire end is the source of this discomfort. It’s critical to take care of this right away to avoid irritability or possible harm. 

An orthodontist will thoroughly inspect your orthodontic appliances, determine the cause of the issue, and make any required changes when you consult them about it.  This reduces the possibility of experiencing uncomfortable orthodontic treatment in Newmarket brought on by jagged wires or sharp edges. 

  • Unstable or Loose Brackets

When brackets become loose, they pose a risk to the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment. Loose brackets may hinder the proper alignment of your teeth, potentially extending the duration of your treatment plan. 

It’s essential to schedule a visit to an orthodontist near you at the first sign of instability. During the consultation, the orthodontist will thoroughly examine the brackets, determining the cause of the issue. They will then take the necessary steps to reposition or replace the brackets, ensuring the stability of your braces or aligners. 

This proactive approach not only prevents setbacks in your treatment but also contributes to a smoother and more successful orthodontic journey. Don’t hesitate to reach out to an orthodontist near you to address any concerns related to unstable or loose brackets and maintain progress toward your desired smile.

  • Emergency Care

Orthodontic emergencies need to be tended to right away, like a broken wire or a misplaced bracket. During an emergency, speaking with an orthodontist enables a comprehensive assessment of the circumstances. If necessary, your orthodontist will prescribe interim measures and arrange a follow-up appointment for more extensive repairs. 

Swift action when such situations arise will help preserve your smile, minimizing setbacks in your progress. Open dialogue with your orthodontist is key; discussing emergency orthodontic treatment near you is important.  

By addressing these concerns, you actively contribute to the success of your treatment, ensuring both the effectiveness and your personal comfort. Your orthodontic journey is a partnership – let’s work together to protect the integrity of your smile!

A Radiant Smile Awaits at Newmarket Orthodontics

Begin your journey to a confident and beautifully aligned smile with Newmarket Orthodontics. Our committed staff recognizes the value of your orthodontic experience and is available to help with issues such as loose or unstable brackets. 

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