Why Straighten Teeth

why straighten teeth

There are people who think that having straight teeth is simply an aesthetic advantage – a requirement for having a great smile, nothing more. But the truth of the matter is that having straight teeth does more than just improve your appearance. If your teeth are straight, you can chew and bite more properly. It’s great for nutrition and in fact, helps with your overall health as well.

Having straight teeth also enables you to speak more clearly. Your ability to speak clearly can make you more effective in the workplace. And in social settings, you’ll be able to communicate with friends better. Finally, having a great smile is no small advantage. It’s a terrific asset in the workplace and in your social life. It can affect your confidence in how you deal with coworkers, clients, friends and family, and even your romantic partner. Overall, your quality of life will improve tremendously simply by correcting crooked teeth. Contact Newmarket Orthodontic today to schedule your consultation.