What Happens at Your First Orthodontist Appointment?

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what happens at your first orthodontist appointment

Do you feel nervous before smiling with your whole heart? Have you been having doubts and concerns about your smile for a while now? You might feel better after an appointment with our orthodontist in Bradford.

Dentists and orthodontists both help patients enhance their oral health, but in different ways. Orthodontics is a specialization of dentistry that focuses on improving bites, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth. Dentistry is a vast medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gums, nerves, and jaw.

Orthodontists usually deal with the aesthetics of your jaw and teeth, focusing on cosmetic dentistry, while dentists deal with all aspects of dentistry.

At Newmarket Orthodontics, we understand that going to your first orthodontic appointment can be anxious, but we’re here to make it as relaxing and helpful as we can. We’ll go through what to anticipate at your first orthodontic appointment in this post.

Things to Ensure Before the Appointment

Choosing your orthodontist is the most essential part of the entire process. They can really change how the process goes for you. An experienced and skilled dentist will be way more understanding of your concerns and apprehensions and will be better at suggesting the best treatment plan for you or your child.

Pick an orthodontist near you that has a proven track record and good reviews. You can check out their website online and book your appointment there or call them. Some dental clinics send forms via mail that need to be filled out prior to your visit.

Just remember, going for an orthodontic check-up is completely normal and non-invasive. If you tend to suffer from dental anxiety, make it a point to inform the clinic staff or your orthodontist so they can assist you better.

We advise you to make a list of any inquiries or worries you have regarding your teeth and jaws before your consultation. This will enable you to get the most out of your session and guarantee that you depart knowing exactly what kind of orthodontic treatment you require.

Your First Orthodontic Appointment

You will typically experience the following at your first appointment with an orthodontist:

  1. Examining dental history: We’ll talk about your dental history with you, including any previous orthodontic procedures, operations, or trauma to your teeth or jaws. This will enable us to comprehend your particular orthodontic requirements and create a treatment strategy that is suited to your particular case.
  2. Examining the jaws and teeth: In order to determine your bite and jaw alignment, as well as the general condition of your teeth and gums, we will check your teeth and jaws to help with the diagnosis.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment plan: Based on the examination results and diagnostic information, we will be making a treatment plan and discussing your treatment options. We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option to help you choose your orthodontic treatment.
  4. Cost and insurance: We’ll be discussing the cost of the procedures with you and financing options available at our clinic. We’ll also talk about your dental insurance coverage, if applicable.
  5. Final Step: We’ll schedule a follow-up session to capture more precise images of your teeth and begin the orthodontic treatment process if you choose to get treatment.

Also, we’ll provide you with information on how to take care of your braces or other orthodontic appliances and any dietary or lifestyle changes that may be required while you’re getting treatment.

Orthodontist in Bradford

In general, your initial orthodontic visit is a crucial step toward getting a healthy, attractive smile. Every stage of your orthodontic journey will be guided by us, and we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Make an appointment with our orthodontist in Newmarket right away to get started on the path to a brighter, healthier smile.